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Edible Ephemeral Art: Rainbow Ribbon Jell-O Mold

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Rainbow Ribbon Jell-O Mold

If I bring a Rainbow Ribbon Jell-O Mold to your home, it means I love you.

This cool dessert gets the most amazing reactions. People love looking at it, hate to see it cut, and then say with surprise, “It tastes like Jell-O!”

It only has three ingredients, one of which is water. But like The Gates and other ephemeral works of art, as discussed yesterday, the sum is equal to more than its parts.

The recipe comes via the creative home chef Rachel Perlow who shared it years ago on e-gullet.org. She was inspired by Kraft’s recipe for layered Jell-O, and then kicked it up a huge notch by making it the colors of a rainbow (ROY G BV, no indigo) and using an angular Bundt cake pan for a cool shape. Read more…

Ephemeral Art


You won’t see lattes and cappuccinos at the local Starbucks that look like this.

Playing with their coffee, instead of drinking it, Japanese latte artists Kazuki Yamamoto and Kohei Matsuno, are creating some cool, yet very ephemeral art. In the samples above, I’m especially fond of The Scream, Einstein, and of course the special 3D Latte Kitty which I referred to in my previous post about bridges.

On an NPR affiliate’s website, Maria Godov discusses the foam “masterpieces” and how the artists have carved a niche not only in their coffee cups, but in the art world, despite the fact that their art is ephemeral and lasts only minutes before it dissolves or is sipped away. Design philosopher Leonard Koren explained that to the Japanese “many things are beautiful precisely because they are short-lived and fragile.” Read more…

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