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Breaking Bad: The Right Chemistry

Vince Gilligan in the writer's room, the genius behind Breaking Bad.

Vince Gilligan in the writer’s room, the genius behind Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad’s wildly popular success is due to the great chemistry between top notch writers and a great cast. When I interviewed Giancarlo Esposito (Gus) a couple years ago, he told me the actors religiously followed the script. There was little to no improvisation or changing the lines.

So kudos to the Breaking Bad writing staff, Vince Gilligan, Thomas Schnauz, Peter Gould, George Mastras, John Shiban, Sam Catlin, Moira Wally-Beckett, Patty Lin and Gennifer Hutchison, you were the show’s heart and soul.

There are so many good lines from Breaking Bad. Here are a few of my favorites: Read more…

Breaking Bad: The end is near

Walt gets cabin fever in the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad.

Walt gets cabin fever in the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad.

Congratulations to Breaking Bad, Emmy winner for Best Drama Series and Anna Gunn as Best Supporting Actress.  As the end of this amazing show nears, it’s good to see it finally get the recognition it deserves as best dramatic series.

A real treat too to see Anna Gunn get some appreciation. She is often criticized for her portrayal of Skyler as a b*tch. But truly, she has proved she has quite a range — naive, cold, suicidal, shrewd money launderer, loving wife. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have their Emmys, so it was good to see Anna Gunn get her moment too. I still think Giancarlo Esposito deserved an Emmy for his portrayal of Gus, but it is what it is. Read more…

Breaking Bad: Who’s the rabid dog?

Walt contemplates what to do with the "problem dog."

Walt contemplates what to do with the “problem dog.”

In this week’s episode of Breaking Bad, “Rabid Dog,” Saul compares Jesse to Old Yeller, the loyal dog who aids and abets his master until he gets rabies and sadly has to be put down. Will that be Jesse’s fate?

Warning spoilers ahead.

Hank, helped by Gomez (phew, glad Hank is finally letting someone from the DEA in on this), convinces Jesse to wear a wire in order to get Walt to say incriminating things. Walt has done such a good job as Heisenberg, tying up loose ends, that although Hank knows Walt’s crimes, he doesn’t have any proof or tangible evidence. Jesse could be his ticket. Read more…

Breaking Bad is back!


Breaking Bad is coming back for its final season this Sunday night.

Walt vs. Hank. Let the games begin!

The final season of Breaking Bad starts tomorrow night and the buzz and excitement couldn’t be stronger. For all Breaking Bad fans, this is the moment we have been waiting for. Walt’s veil of secrecy has finally been revealed. We’re giddy, giddy, giddy with anticipation! Read more…

Giancarlo Esposito gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

From his humble appearance on Sesame Street with Big Bird to his killer performance as Gus Fring on Breaking Bad, Giancarlo Esposito has built a hige fan base.

From his humble appearance as a kid on Sesame Street to his killer performance on Breaking Bad as crime boss Gus Fring, Giancarlo Esposito is one of the hardest working actors in show business.

Giancarlo Esposito outside my newspaper office. —Bryan Haeffele photo

Giancarlo Esposito outside my office. —Bryan Haeffele photo

Actor Giancarlo Esposito is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

The announcement was made last week in Hollywood after Jennifer Lopez was presented with the Walk of Fame’s 2,500th star.

Giancarlo Esposito is part of the “Class of  2014,” announced David Green, Chairman of the Walk of Fame selection committee. Other celebrities who will have their stars added next year include Orlando Bloom, Sally Field, Jessica Lange, Matthew McConaughey, Liam Neeson, and posthumously Phil Hartman and Tupac Shakur.

Quite a list, and I’m thrilled for Giancarlo Esposito, who I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing in 2011. Read more…

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