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EPHEMERAL ART: Amazing 3D Food Printing


Edible chocolate cube made with a 3D printer. —3D Systems

Imagine this, instead of ink you can fill your desktop printer with chocolate and make amazing edible sculptures and decorations.

Sounds like something out of Willy Wonka, but thanks to technological advances, the candy man and woman, can do just that.
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Recipe Reveal: Kitty Litter Cake

Kitty Litter Cake is the purrrfect dessert for that "special" occasion.

Kitty Litter Cake

Sometimes a recipe is irresistibly good because it looks soooo irresistibly bad. That in a nutshell is Kitty Litter Cake. An absolutely delicious dessert that looks just like a dirty cat litter box. Gross! Yuck! Yep, all that and more.

I came across this recipe in the 1990s and have served it on many an occasion. It receives shrieks of laughter as well as sneers of derision.

The first time I made Kitty Litter Cake was for my daughter Katie’s birthday. She was sitting at the head of the dining room table surrounded by all her little friends, giddy with excitement waiting for me to bring in her birthday cake. I waltzed in and plunked a cat litter pan down in the middle of the table. “Here Katie, Happy Birthday!” I said. Read more…

Recipe Reveal: Chocolate Almond Lace Cookies


Chocolate Almond Lace Cookies

Have you ever bought cookies that looked fabulous but were disappointing because they tasted terrible? Time to just say no to pitiful overpriced pastries!

Bakeries and grocery stores sell what they call “Chocolate Almond Lace Cookies” (aka Florentines) in my neck of the woods in Connecticut. They look great! Two crispy lace cookies filled with chocolate, what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, the cookies are usually soft and flavorless and come pre-packaged in bulk from some anonymous source. Oh the pain, Will Robinson, the pain, something that looks so good but is soooo bad.

But good news, you can make these cookies yourself! Crunchy almond disks with real chocolate in the middle. Great for a special occasion or just for fun! Read more…

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