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Our Oscars, the NENPA newspaper convention

Hersam Acorn Newspaper NENPA winners. — Ian Murren photo

Hersam Acorn Newspaper NENPA winners. — Ian Murren photo

Pats on the back for newspaper reporters are few and far between. It’s not the career path to take if you need to be told by your boss that you are doing a good job.

You write your stories, you meet your deadlines, and you do the best you can to get news to the public, no matter how big or how small the story.
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Kitchen Artist: Charles Draghi of Erbaluce


Chef Charles Draghi, an artist in the kitchen of Erbaluce in Boston.

Fine dining is a rare splurge on my meager salary, so when I go out to eat, it needs to be worth it. I’m sorry to say that quite often I’m disappointed with fancy restaurants and “haute cuisine.” Their menus are often pretentious, with artfully arranged pieces of stuff, and overpriced wine lists ($85 for a bottle that retails for $19.99 at the local wine shop), served in a room as quiet as a morgue.

My husband and I recently dined at a highly-touted fine dining restaurant in New York City, left hungry, and stopped for a slice of pizza at Patsy’s in East Harlem on our way home.
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Red Sox: Big Papi hits a triple, pinch pitcher debuts

RedSoxScoreWhat a game last night at Fenway Park. With a final score of 17 to 5, obviously a lot happened. The Red Sox scored in seven straight innings against the Rangers, and after racking up six runs in the second, for all intents and purposes the game was over. But I’ll leave the game recap to the pros. Read more…

The Red Sox are a team!

Red_SoxIt’s a shock to the system to see the Boston Red Sox acting like a team again. After two horrendous years as the gang that couldn’t pitch (or hit) straight, they had become a major league embarrassment. But miracle of miracles, they’re back.

Last night’s game, which the Sox won 3-2 over the Twins in the 10th, was a perfect example of scrappy teamwork at its best. It took four pitchers and a key bunt from Will Middlebrooks who hadn’t even attempted a bunt since 2008, to rally the team and win. Even if the Sox tank the rest of the season, we’ll always have this game to remember. Read more…

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