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Microwave oven pressure cooker?

Will this plastic pressure cooker really work in a microwave oven?

Will this plastic pressure cooker really work in a microwave oven?

Sitting at home all day because you’re sick can be unhealthy for your wallet. The other day, I made either a very potentially great home purchase, or I blew $40 bucks. Time will tell.

I was watching QVC, a home shopping channel, and got swept up by a pitch for a pressure cooker you can use in the microwave oven. Now, I’m not usually at home during the day to watch TV, and my acute absence recently from this blog isΒ  testimony that I was going through a medical issue and not having a good time. Too sick to even write. Now that’s sick.

I am intrigued to try Meredith Laurence's recipe for Mama's Meatloaf in the microwave pressure cooker. In her demo it came out super juicy, and I liked the glaze ingredients - balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, honey.

I am intrigued to try Meredith Laurence’s recipe for Mama’s Meatloaf in the microwave pressure cooker. In her demo it came out super juicy, and I liked the glaze ingredients – balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, honey.

Suffice it to say, I was in a weakened state when this pressure cooker was broadcast.

At first, I laughed. Well, that’s a stupid product, I thought. A pressure cooker β€” in a microwave? A standard pressure cooker is a sturdy heavy metal machine used on a stove or a self-contained electric model.

Because of pressure build up, foods that usually take a long time to cook, such as pot roasts, are done quickly in a pressure cooker. A microwave β€” well that makes decent popcorn if you don’t burn it. The two just don’t seem like a match. And the pressure cooker being touted is plastic. Uh nooo.

Oddly, the person pitching the product on QVC β€” Meredith Laurence, a chef and cookbook author, said the same thing. When first approached about this microwave oven pressure cooker, she said thought it was stupid, and probably wouldn’t work.

Chicken Cacciatore made in the microwave oven pressure cooker. It takes me hours on the stove.

Chicken Cacciatore made in the microwave oven pressure cooker. It takes me hours on the stove.

But after testing it and cooking up dishes like Chicken and Rice, Meat Loaf, Short Ribs, Chicken Cacciatore, Low Country Boil, Mussels, and desserts like Rice Pudding, she said she was convinced it was a good product.

Close to 100,000 of these sold on QVC that day, so by demoing and showcasing delicious looking food all afternoon and night, Meredith did her job.

I admit, I am fan of pressure cookers in theory. They make short work out of long cooking jobs. And they also do a great job quick-cooking vegetables like fresh corn on the cob. I say great, because pressure cooking corn on the cob is much better than merely boiling it. The flavor and texture are better.

I have a basic stove top Presto Pressure Cooker. It takes time for the water to heat and the pressure to build, then you have to set the timer to keep track of it, and then have to adjust the heat, don’t want to burn things. When the timer goes off you need to take the hissing thing off the stove, and allow time for the pressure to drop or run it under cold water to help the pressure release.

Cookbook that comes with the microwave pressure cooker.

Cookbook that comes with the microwave pressure cooker.

How about hazards? Pressure cookers can explode on the stove, although rarely, so you do have to keep an eye on things.

Unfortunately, because of all the attention needed for my pressure cooker while I’m multi-tasking, I don’t use it very much. It’s in my pantry gathering dust.

So, if this handy gizmo does the job, I could be back to making meals on weekdays that I usually have to reserve to the weekends when I have the time to joyfully tend to simmering pots.

I’ll post back when the pressure cooker arrives, and post my results.

Bon Appetit, I hope.

Click here for QVC product info and the video that hooked me.


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14 thoughts on “Microwave oven pressure cooker?

  1. Would love to hear your thoughts when it arrives! I also have a 6-quart Presto pressure cooker which is a great budget choice. It’s easy enough to use and my food turns out always delicious.

  2. Janice Sullivan on said:

    I saw the same QVC broadcast and ordered it. My first recipe was the Risotto with Scallops and Cauliflower, except I substituted shrimp. Came out great!

    • Thanks for the feedback Janice. Did the Risotto come out soft? I like it very creamy, and would like to try it a basic Risotto with Parmesan cheese (seafood allergy). So curious how the texture. I tested the pressure cooker last night for the first time with Short Ribs. There wasn’t a recipe for them in the cookbook. I prepped them the way I normally do. Browning the ribs, sweating carrots, onions, parsnips, celery, and garlic, reducing some burgundy. Added all to the pressure cooker along with some diced tomatoes, thyme, bay leaf, beef stock and a tablespoon of tomato paste. I cooked it according to the pot roast recipe and the meat wasn’t tender, so popped it back in for another 10 minutes. About one hour total cooking time. The sauce was DELICIOUS. The meat was still not as flaky fork tender though as I would like it. But not bad and husband devoured three ribs. So, I’m going try again and will increase the cooking time.

  3. Millie on said:

    Tried corned beef, 2.5 lb, 50 minutes, meat was cooked but not as tender as usual – simmering for 3 hours. Next time will try cutting corned beef into pieces and cooking longer.

    Risotto 30 minutes, sticky not creamy.

    • Thanks for the feedack Millie. I made beef stew the other day, using the cooking time in the recipe book for pot roast. The meat was tough. I cooked for another 20 minutes and it was stll chewier than it would have been made traditionally. I question this product’s effectiveness as a pressure cooker. I’m giving it one more shot, with pork butt for pulled pork. I’ll cut the pork in pieces. If it doesn’t do the job it’s going back. Thank you for rhe feedback about the risotto. In the QVC demo it looked dry. 😦

  4. would love a cookbook on microwave pressure cooking

  5. This is a great item….. Still experimenting. Lasagna is record time was duchy a plus. My best friend picked it up at QVC’s outlet for me. After raved about hers. Seriously, it’s worth it. My don made his beloved chicken wings in 10 minutes. Unbelievable time saver. And I have a regular electric pressure cooker as well. Easier clean up too.

  6. I received the microwave pressure cooker about a year ago, haven’t used it yet. I ordered mine through Publisher’s clearing house – same exact one as you showed. Unfortunately I do not have a cookbook. Any suggestions on how I could get the cookbook? Or recipes for it – I googled “Microwave Pressure Cooker Recipes but didn’t really find any – found lots more of microwave pressure cookers
    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Susan, I have tried out the pressure cooker microwave several times and it isn’t doing the job. Meats are tough even after doubling the recommended cooking time, so I’ve had to finish on the stove. I believe I wasted my money and it’s too late to send it back. I’ll send you the cookbook if you’d like.

    • Ted Malinoski on said:

      go to the QVC site and search for this item, K40490.. under the video there is a tab for recipes. They are the same as in the book…

  7. I bought one from QVC as well. Love it! Have done Roasts, beef and pork, while chickens, lasagna pot roast with all the veggies. This is the first pressure cooker I have ever had. As I that it would be too if and bulky. This gem is outstandingly I can cook four without having to turn the oven or stove , a blessing when y live in triple degree heat all summer.

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