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The Hobbes Experiment: Close Encounters of the Purr Kind

Hobbes and Frankie spy each other through the door.

Hobbes and Frankie spy each other through the door.

Not everything went well with week two of the experiment with Hobbes, a feral cat who we’re trying to rehabilitate.

He had a setback while recovering from his pillar and stones removal operation. After two days of recuperating, he was lethargic, wouldn’t eat, and wouldn’t budge from the bed. I brought him to the vet, and sure enough, because he refused to wear his Elizabethan collar, he kept licking his wounds and got an infection.

Hobbes at the vet's

Hobbes at the vet’s

The vet gave him a shot of antibiotics and pain medication, and said Hobbes looked stressed and needed TLC and quiet.

At this point, I was discouraged and contacted my son Kevin who had found Hobbes and encouraged us to take him in. Maybe having two other cats in our home was too much for Hobbes. Even though I had kept them apart after their initial dismal encounter, it might be too much for all of them. I told Kevin we needed a Plan B. If Hobbes didn’t work out here, he’d need another home.

Kevin said give it some time. Give it some time.

Royal Canin cat food

Royal Canin cat food

And I hate to admit that my son was right, I truly do, but he might be.

The antibiotics worked, and a day later, Hobbes was peppy, and eating voraciously.

We’ve been keeping Hobbes in Kevin’s old room, with the door closed to give him a stress-free environment. After eating a bowlful of Royal Canin cat food the vet prescribed, Hobbes jumped on the bed and wanted me to pet him. To my surprise, he then started purring!


Is there a more beautiful sound than a purring cat?

The next day, more eating, more purring, and Hobbes wanted out of the room. Since both cats were outside at the time, it seemed like a good idea for Hobbes to get the lay of the whole house without any confrontations, so out he wandered. He took his time, circling the upstairs, then the downstairs. He then looked out the door and who should appear, but Frankie, the Tuxedo cat, always formally dressed, because… well, you never know.

Purring Hobbes!

Purring Hobbes!

Their first meeting, a week earlier, did not go well. It was just one big hissing match. Separated by glass this time, things went much better. There was staring, a lot of staring. What seemed like hours of staring. Eventually I let Frankie in and Hobbes followed him around the house. Only a slight low growl every now and then by Frankie. And no spraying!

In the past few days, it’s been more of the same. While there has not exactly been a kumbaya moment yet between the two, there hasn’t been any hissing either. Things are definitely progressing, but there is one more major obstacle still to overcome — our other cat.

The Hobbes Experiment: Part One

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