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Alec “Wrong Way” Baldwin

Alec Baldwin and his latest arrest.

Alec Baldwin and his latest arrest.

What do actors Alec Baldwin and James Cromwell have in common? Both are members of PETA and both have been arrested.

That’s it.

James Cromwell has a history of standing up for animal rights and trying to save the lives of pigs.

Alec Baldwin has a history of being a pig.

In February, I offered Alec Baldwin some advice after he wrote an asinine essay in New York Magazine. Apparently he didn’t take it. He’s still “That Loudmouthed Jerk.”

Baldwin was arrested yesterday for riding his bike the wrong way down a street in New York (very dangerous, can easily cause an accident) and was also arrested (not surprisingly) for disorderly conduct after mouthing off to the arresting officer. Right! Could not resist that, could he?

Racing to Twitter like a bat out of hell, he posted the officer’s name and badge number along with the comment:

New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.

If New York is a mismanaged carnival, Alec Baldwin is their Ringmaster.

Baldwin’s history of bad behavior is as shameful as James Cromwell’s is noble:

1995 – Baldwin allegedly assaults a photographer for videotaping his wife and their three-day old daughter.

2007 – Baldwin leaves an angry, profanity-laden voicemail for his daughter calling her “a rude, thoughtless pig.” The voicemail goes viral.

2011 – Baldwin was on an American Airlines flight at Los Angeles International airport playing Words with Friends on his cell phone while waiting for takeoff. He became belligerent when a flight attendant told him to put the phone away. He was removed from the plane, delaying other travelers.

2012 – Baldwin was accused of punching a photographer outside a marriage license bureau in Manhattan.

2013 – Baldwin’s talk show on MSNBC is cancelled after five episodes after Baldwin allegedly used an offensive anti-gay epithet to describe a reporter. Baldwin tells a NY Post reporter “I want to choke you to death,” after she asks him a question about a lawsuit involving his wife.

Sprinkled throughout those incidents are countless other examples of verbal violence and even a wacky feud with Shia LaBeouf. Then we have yesterday’s scenario, filled with anger and Baldwin’s now standard, ‘Leave me the F*** alone, rules are for other people’ act.

Dear Alec,

You only have one life on this planet, and your choice is to live it in a web of brutal nonsense. That street in New York isn’t the only place where you were headed in the wrong way. Your life and career are headed in the wrong way too. Where is that cute guy from Beetlejuice?


Ex Alec Baldwin Fan


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