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Ephemeral Art: Cookies


Pastry Chef Julia Usher is renowned for her 3D cookie creations. What’s nicer than a beautiful cookie box filled with cookies?

You have to have a special character to make ephemeral art from cookie dough. Unlike fancy dancy decorated wedding cakes which couples will pay thousands of dollars for, cookies, not so much. They’re smaller, generally simpler and not on the radar as “must have” edible artwork. There are cake decorating competitions on the Food Network, and another show on cable called Amazing Wedding Cakes, but no shows devoted to cookie decorating.

cookieOne reason for the lack of love may be that you can buy cheap royal-icing decorated cookies at almost any supermarket these days. They’re basically going to be cute pre-fab sugary cardboard. Buy them for the kids, they’ll take one bite and then throw the rest away. But some cookie bakers have kicked the genre up a notch, and this weekend they’re celebrating their work at the CookieCon cookie art convention in Salt Lake City.

And don’t forget about our favorite, the Chocolate Chip Cookie. New York City pastry chef Dominique Ansel, who invented Cronuts (a cross between a croissant and doughnut), has recently done something simply brilliant with our old friend. Scroll down and see!


Hand-painted wedding cookies by Sweet Amb, tothewildwood.com.


Nantucket Delicacy Set by Rebecca Weld was named Best Cookie of the Year in a competition hosted by The Cookie Connection.

peacocks and feathers stencil 018

Peacock and Feathers by Anna Yorks of FlourBoxBakery.com.


Whimsical cookie art by Arty McGoo, artymcgoo.blogspot.com.

Butterfly Cookies by Haniela.

Butterfly Cookies by Haniela. See more at Hanielas.com


Darla at bakingdom.com makes cookies that boldly go where no cookies have gone before.


Sandals by Callye at SweetSugarBelle.com.


Pansy Shortbread Cookies with real pansies. From stonegableblog.com.


Dominique Ansel’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot. Mike mine a double!

In this video, Pastry Chef Julia Usher shows how to make cookie baskets that are perfect for Easter. Much effort goes into crafting these special cookies. Well done cookie artists, well done!

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