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Do you know this Alaskan man?

A friend of mine is trying to find this friendly man with the sweet dog. He's from Alaska, that's all she knows.

A friend of mine is trying to find this friendly man with the sweet dog. He’s from Alaska, that’s all she knows.

UPDATE: We found him, his name is Tony and he is from Anchorage!  READ THE FULL STORY

This is probably like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But a friend of mine is trying to track down a man she met at the Grand Canyon pictured in the photo above with his cute little dog, Dixie.

So let’s test out the power of social media and the internet and see if we can help.

My friend snapped this photo at the Grand Canyon on Dec. 27, 2013. The man said he was from Alaska, was very nice, and he let her daughter hold his little dog Dixie. He then asked her to take a photo which she did and she promised she would email it to him. But then she lost his email address, so there was no way she could send the photo.

He told her that little Dixie used to belong to his sister and was once bitten by a rattlesnake on the head (you can see the scar in the photo).

So anyone with family/friends in Alaska. If you know this guy, let him know we have a really nice photo for him! Thanks!

Mystery Alaskan man lets little girl hold Dixie the dog.

Mystery Alaskan man lets little girl hold Dixie the dog.

EDIT: I’ve had a huge number of views of this post, and wonder where folks are hearing about it. Blog/Facebook/Twitter, or some other source. Thanks!

My email is walnut36@aol.com.


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19 thoughts on “Do you know this Alaskan man?

  1. Lisa W. on said:

    I know this man he is my friend Joe’s brother. He still has the little dioxin too. She likes to play with rocks.

    • Lisa, this is fantastic! Do you think he can contact me on my blog or at walnut36@aol.com so I can get him in touch with the woman who took this photo. He was very kind to her daughter and let her take the last photo on his camera. So my friend in turn took a photo of him and the dog on her camera. Thanks so much!

  2. Tara Tanzer on said:

    Lisa! I’m thrilled you know him. Please help me connect with him. Meeting him and Dixie was the highlight of my daughter’s trip to he Grand Canyon. He was so kind! I want to repay him with this photo! The power of the Internet and Patty Gay is amazing!! Thank you. Tara.

  3. robert norris on said:

    Yes I know this man. Leave me your email and I will chase him down for you. Yes I’ve worked with him a couple of years. Yes he does have a heart of gold. Real nice guy.

  4. Thanks Lisa, I look forward to hearing from him!

  5. This man is a client at my vet clinic, let me know if you still need help finding him!

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  7. This is my brother in law…I will have him email you! No kidding!

  8. This story has a very happy ending! I’ve heard from Tony, our Mystery Man. He’s in Alaska and rather shocked that someone would go to such lengths just to give him a photo. So all is very well. An even bigger story is how quickly word spread about this. I heard within a couple hours after posting about this on my blog from Lisa W who said she knew who he was, and she was right! In fact I heard rather quickly from several people that knew Tony and they were supportive and helpful. What a nice group of people in Alaska! I’m very curious how people learned about this story? From google/blog/Facebook/Twitter??? I’m in shock and awe about the power of the internet.

  9. Facebook, I live in Arizona, but shared by an Alaska friend.

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