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Justice for Tom

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, center, at a stop last year on his Santa Claus ride.

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, center, at a stop last year on his Santa Claus ride.

An arrest has been made in the hit and run case that claimed the life of Tom Steinert-Threlkeld of Weston, Conn.

Alexander Scott Lee, 21, of New Milford was arrested Tuesday, Dec. 3, and faces charges including evading responsibility for a fatal accident, making an improper left turn and tampering with evidence.

On Oct. 20, Tom was riding his bicycle in Bethel, when Lee hit him with his car. Tom was knocked to the ground and a second car ran over him, pinning him underneath. Tom had to be extricated by the fire department and later died from his injuries.

After Lee hit Tom, he fled the scene.

The immediate question is why someone would leave the scene of such an horrific accident.

Hit and run suspect Alexander Lee — H. John Voorhees, III, News-Times, photo

Hit and run suspect Alexander Lee — H. John Voorhees, III, News-Times, photo

According to published reports, Lee’s collision with Tom left a “basketball sized” dent in his car. When he saw police on his road, he drove away and had a friend drive him in another car to his home.  An anonymous tipster finally alerted police that Lee had admitted to hitting the cyclist. Lee had no intention of turning himself in.

Lee faces more charges than those connected with the accident.  When police searched his vehicle they found a cache of illegal drugs and on Nov. 26 he was charged with possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance, possession of less than 0.5 ounces of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia associated with less than 0.5 ounces of marijuana.

It wasn’t Lee’s first drug arrest either.

In 2012, he was arrested and charged with failing to obey a stop sign, use of drug paraphernalia and possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle, a felony. He was granted accelerated rehabilitation in that case.

Accelerated rehab is leniency, a program granted by the courts to first time offenders which enables them to avoid jail time. The expectation is they will learn from the experience and not become repeat offenders.

Lee, apparently, did not learn from that experience or the mercy he was shown.

When he showed up for his arraignment at Danbury Superior Court, Lee was described by the Danbury News-Times as wearing “a baggy, hooded sweatshirt over a slightly oversized thermal T-shirt.” That’s how you dress for court? Is he even taking this matter seriously?

Tom’s widow, Kayte, attended Lee’s arraignment and said she’s looking for justice for her husband.

Can there really be any justice?

A really really bad guy took the life of a really really good guy. And he didn’t care.

All that we can hope for is that Alexander Lee is never, ever, allowed to be in a position where he can hurt anyone ever again.

It’s not justice for Tom. It’s just a modicum of comfort for society and potential future victims.

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6 thoughts on “Justice for Tom

  1. anonymous on said:

    While it is extremely horrible that a loved husband and friend of the community died, I think this article is playing on peoples emotion and not giving all the facts. It is also assuming a lot. This kid sounds troubled, not a “really bad person”. He did not hit the bicyclist, but yes, he made a bad decision that affected the lives of others in a moment of panic and left the scene. This was not an act of violence, but merely an act of carelessness. Too many times I see people texting and driving. Carelessness. If one of those people killed someone due to texting, does that make him/her a really bad person? No. In this case, it sounds like he made an extremely careless move and out of fear, fled the scene. But he did not kill the bicyclist and this was not an act of rage. As far as how he was dressed, most people who are in jail do not have the choice of what to wear or the money to buy from the commensary anything other than what they were arrested in. So lets not assume, as this article has done. Its a terrible incident, but assuming and playing on the emotions of your readers does not do anyone any justice. Stick to the facts and let the facts come out in court.


    • Thanks for your comment “Anonymous.” Accidents happen. That’s when a person’s true character shows. A man is dead because of this young man’s actions. Had he stopped after hitting Tom, the second car might not have come into play. The fatality might have been avoided. The young man did more than flee out of “fear.” He tried to cover up the accident by going to an auto parts store and fixing the damage to his car. He deliberately avoided going to his home to avoid police. He had someone drive him to his home, again to avoid police. He had a car full of drugs. It took an anonymous tip for him to be turned in. That’s why I call him a bad man. A good man, even one who initially fled the scene out of fear, would have done the right thing and come forward and accepted responsibility. His conscience wouldn’t allow otherwise. Sadly, this young man appears to have no conscience. Perhaps, in time, he will develop one. I’ve been to court many times. Very recently in fact. It’s disrespectful to dress the way he did. One would think that with all his drug money he could have afforded a shirt with a collar. Perhaps this young man does not have supportive people around him to help him out with these things, that’s possible. Perhaps he just doesn’t care. It wasn’t his first time in court, he knows the drill. In any event, his actions are signs that he has greatly lost his way in life. I feel terrible for the driver of the second car, and what he/she must be going through. There is nothing good about this incident for anyone involved.

  2. hannah on said:

    This Alex kid is a terrible person. I knew him personally. There’s a lot of things that he has done that he never got caught for. Terrible things. I couldn’t be any happier to see him behind bars. To the widow, I am so so sorry for this terrible loss, but this menace to society deserves every minute in jail. He honestly would deserve life in jail for this. Pardon my language but fuck Alex he’s a little f**** he should of died

  3. anonymous on said:

    You people have NO idea. You are a bunch of clueless, ignorant, judgemental people. First off, this kid did not kill anyone. It was an accident. How dare you make such an assumption that he is a bad kid? None of you have any clue. He was arrested in what he wore to court. And no, you cannot buy anything from the commissary when newly arrested. Second, he has an amazing support system. His family loves and cares about him very much. Yes, he made a bad decision, but you all are no judge and jury. Remember he has family too, and reading garbage like this is just plain mean. Get all your facts straight before posting anything like this.

    • Didn’t he leave the scene of the accident and try to hide his involvement? An innocent man died and he tried to cover up his actions.

      Why didn’t he stay at the scene until help arrived? Oh, maybe the fact he was running a drug factory from his car.

      Maybe you need to get your facts straight. This is a tragedy. The victim’s family needs a lot of support too.

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