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Ephemeral Art: Pumpkins 2013

Jim Morrison, one of the amazing creations of the Pumpkin Master.

Jim Morrison, one of the amazing creations of the Pumpkin Master.

Rick McGarry is the Pumpkin Master. I had the pleasure to meet him once in Chicago at a baseball game. Since then I have been fascinated by his pumpkin carving skills. His wife Janice posts pictures of his creations frequently on Facebook, much to everyone’s pleasure and amusement.

Janice and I met in an interesting way. It seems we have a lot in common — we’re both cheap Yankees. And I say that in the nicest possible way. You know that ad for Hotwire, “four star hotels for two star prices?” In a nutshell that’s us.

A couple years ago, we were both headed to Chicago with our husbands to see our beloved Red Sox play the Cubs in a rare interleague match up. We started to chat while we were both ferreting out cheap hotel prices on betterbidding.com, the travel hunter’s Rosetta Stone to deciphering Hotwire and Priceline.

As it turns out, I ended up choosing the hotel where the Red Sox players were staying, and Janice chose the hotel where ESPN announcers, including Terry Francona, were staying. Talk about great Karma! We finally met in person at the game, and indeed she is so much like me it’s not funny. Little did I know at that time that her charming hubby Rick has a special hobby — amazing pumpkin carving.

His work is a gorgeous example of ephemeral art. He puts a lot of effort into carving the pumpkins, but then, like all good ephemeral art, his creations are short-lived, expire and are gone.

Luckily, Rick’s work has been captured in photos. He recently created a video with some of his 2013 carvings. At the beginning of the video he features carvings of family and friends as well as a quirky assortment of celebrities that capture who he is — Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Jim Morrison, Kate Upton (bet he had fun with THAT one), David Ortiz, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White from Breaking Bad (YAY), and Bill Belichick. Yes, Bill Belichick on a pumpkin, love it!!!

The second half of the video is a stirring tribute to those who lost their lives in the Boston marathon bombing.

Rick you’re brilliant. And folks, these are REAL pumpkins.

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