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Breaking Bad: Little things ‘Buried’ but not forgotten

Skyler lets Hank know she is going to stand by her man.

Skyler lets Hank know she is going to stand by her man.

In last week’s episode of Breaking Bad, the catch phrase was “Hello Carol.”

This week, in “Buried,” it was “Am I under arrest? Am I under arrest? AM I UNDER ARREST?” uttered by Skyler to Hank in a diner. With that David-Mamet style line, we know that for better or worse, Skyler is going to stand by her man.

Highlights: Boy did this hour fly by. Vince Gilligan and company are working hard to make each episode in this final season count, and this one moved things along. Saul is brought up to speed and coyly suggests that he could send Hank on a “trip to Belize, you know, where Mike went to.” HA! Good one Saul.

After Walt collapses from burying his gazillion dollars in the desert, there is a touching scene where he tells Skyler he will turn himself in as long as she makes sure the kids get the money to ensure he “didn’t do all this for nothing.” Skyler shows a tough side, encouraging Walt to stand quietly, letting Hank present his evidence.

In the meantime, Hank realizes that this is lose-lose for him. Yes, he has tracked the elusive Heisenberg, public enemy number one. But this means it will be the end of his career with the DEA. He will look like a fool because this whole time his brother-in-law was a master criminal, operating right under his nose. The news also destroys the family.

I was entranced. Because of the fast forward future scene in the season opener, we know Walt does not make a clean escape, his secret is revealed. In this episode, all set in the present, we see how things play out to get to that point. Brilliant writing, editing, directing and storytelling to keep the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Emmys take notice: Great job by Dean Norris (Hank) milling about his office expressing frustration without saying a word and engaging in small talk with Steve Gomez, wanting to say more, but unable to… yet.

Third time the charm or curse? I think this is the third episode featuring a little yellow remote control sports car weaving in and around Hank’s driveway. One time Marie ran over it, it was shown in last week’s episode, and it was featured again this week. One thing we’ve learned about Breaking Bad, details mean something. Nothing is gratuitous. So stay tuned.

THUMBS DOWN TO TALKING BAD: Talking Bad, the talk show, airs one hour after Breaking Bad, in order to allow some new show to air in between. BAD move AMC. I’m not waiting an hour to watch Talking Bad. It should directly follow each episode of Breaking Bad. Hype your new show some other way.

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