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Recipe Reveal: Ice Cream Cake

Raspberry Sorbet and Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

Raspberry Sorbet and Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

As the song from Kiss Me, Kate goes, “It’s too darn hot!” We’re in the midst of a heat wave, so I’m not cooking these days. No oven, no stove, nada.

When Fourth of July rolled around it didn’t take me long to figure out what dessert I was going to make for a family cookout — Ice Cream Cake.

Fast, easy, and COLD.

ForkfulNow I could have just gone down to the local Carvel and picked up an 8-inch ice cream cake. But, I have my cheap Yankee reputation to uphold. Why buy an ice cream cake for $16.95 when you can make your own for $10?

This recipe calls for two flavors of ice cream plus various crunchy bits. To keep things simple I used store bought ice cream. I wasn’t going to stand over a simmering pan of Creme Anglaise and suffer through steam for homemade stuff. Another project, for another day. Perhaps in December. 

To make this Ice Cream Cake, (which doesn’t have any actual cake in it), pick two flavors of ice cream, layer them in a springform pan, and add crunchy elements in between and on top.

Crushed Oreos and crushed Heath/Skors bars are nice alternating crunchy bits. Carvel uses crushed “flying saucer” cookies, and you can use Famous Chocolate Wafers for a similar effect. I like Oreos though, they give the cake a nice cookies and cream effect.

Tip: Use ice creams that are on the smooth side. Flavors with bits in them, such as chocolate chip don’t do as well because the chips tend to sink when the ice cream is softened. Some good flavors are Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Peach, Black Raspberry, Rum Raisin, Egg Nog, and any sorbet or sherbet.

For Fourth of July I went non-chocolate with the ice cream, and instead served chocolate sauce on the side. I used vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet, with crushed Lorna Doone shortbread cookies and mini chocolate chips in between. Transported it to the cookout wrapped in ice packs and kept it in the freezer before serving. As you can see from the picture on top, the heat got to it quickly and it started melting fast after it came out of the freezer. It was devoured so quickly though, there was nothing left to melt.

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Raspberry Sorbet and Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

2 quarts vanilla ice cream
2 quarts raspberry sorbet
14 Lorna Doone shortbread cookies
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

1. This recipe makes a cake for an 8-inch springform pan. To make a larger cake just use more ingredients as necessary.
2. Place cookies in a small plastic bag, crush with a rolling pan or bottle and set aside.
3. Soften one quart of the sorbet and place in the bottom of the springform pan. Top with half the mini chocolate chips, put foil around the bottom of the pan to protect from leaks. Place in freezer and chill 15 minutes.
4. Soften one quart of vanilla ice cream. Remove pan from freezer. Spread vanilla ice cream over raspberry sorbet and sprinkle half the Lorna Doone cookie crumbs on top. Place in freezer and chill 15 minutes.
5. Repeat with the other quart of sorbet, chocolate chips, then the remaining vanilla ice cream and the shortbread cookies on top.
6. Freeze at least two hours. Cut and serve.

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