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Amy’s Baking Company: Unappetizing viral madness

Kitchen Nightmares was a nightmare for Gordon Ramsay as well as Amy and Samy Bouzaglo.

Kitchen Nightmares turned out be a real nightmare for Gordon Ramsay who walked off on the show, while Amy and Samy Bouzaglo have become viral media villains. Samy is also facing deportation from the U.S.

When Gordon Ramsay comes off as the calm voice of reason on his show — watch out. After almost a hundred episodes of his Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, the celeb chef walked out without accomplishing his mission — helping struggling restaurant owners change their ways and become successful.

And it was a sh*tshow.

See the infamous Kitchen Nightmares episode here:

On the season finale, Ramsay was brought to Scottsdale, AZ to help Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, owners of Amy’s Baking Company, aka ABC Bistro. They told Ramsay their business was failing because “online bullies” were spreading spread lies that the restaurant served frozen food. “That’s not true,” Amy said. They invited Ramsay in to see how good their food was with hopes of redemption to silence the “haters.”

But that was not to be. Their appearance on Kitchen Nightmares was, well, a nightmare. The couple was shown yelling at and hitting customers, openly taking servers’ tips, firing a server on the spot for making a quip, and serving frozen ravioli to Ramsay. The one good product they sold was beautiful-looking cake slices, which Amy claimed she made herself. Highly doubtful. The restaurant’s kitchen was tiny and there was no machinery shown that would be suitable for baking. (Since the show aired, it was revealed that pictures of fancy cakes on the restaurant’s Facebook page were lifted from Martha Stewart and others.)

There was also weird stuff. Amy is down right scary. Her look is scary —  witchy make up, creepy eyes. Scary behavior — shouting a string of profanities followed by references to God. And Samy, a former “Vegas playboy” is too afraid to say anything critical to her. When Ramsay asked if she and Samy had children, Amy responded “Yes three, three little boys trapped inside cat bodies.” Oy.

Ramsay realized he couldn’t get through to the couple and walked out on them. End of story? No, far from it.

The episode immediately became a viral hit. Just google Amy’s Baking Company and you’ll see. Everyone’s talking about it. Even me, and a bunch of fellow food enthusiasts on Chowhound, where you can catch up on all the twists and turns that resulted from their appearance on Kitchen Nightmares (AND THERE ARE A LOT). Tons of links on that thread where you can while away hours watching the whole viral mess unfold.

Throwing my two cents in — which is actually what it’s worth — folks, you have to be careful out there. If you go on TV hoping for publicity, you will get it. Expect everything in your life to be made public. EVERYTHING. In this case, Amy’s past conviction for identity theft, (when she went by the name Amanda Bossingham), and Samy’s possible deportation from the United States (he is already banned from France and Germany) are now known by the world. The entire world.

You want to live by the media, be prepared to die by it too.

One fun thing out of this mess: An opportunistic pizza joint called Mr. Scrib’s is cleverly using Amy’s negative publicity to bolster its own business. On ABC 15’s Facebook page, Laura Elam congratulated Mr. Scrib’s, saying “Awesome! They r making lemonade with someone else’s lemons! Good for them!” Yes, good for them. Enjoy your 15 minutes Mr. Scribs. You better serve darn good pizza or you’ll be facing those “online bullies” too.


At Amy’s Baking Company, security guards shoo away a resourceful Mr. Scribs who proudly announces he never hits his customers. Your pizza better be good man.

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