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Mad Men: Dandy Dom

How about a round of humiliate the hostess?

How about a round of humiliate the hostess?

50 ways to leave your lover? Make that 51. Pretend your a Dom, Don, and get yourself free.

In last night’s episode of Mad Men, “Man with a Plan,” Don Draper concocted a beautiful plan to dump his mistress.

We figured it would be coming. In the season opener, Don told Sylvia that his wish for the new year was for “this” to stop. The way he did it though was unexpected, but in true fashion for a man battling his way through Purgatorio.

When Sylvia called Don and said “I need you and nothing else will do,” that was the wake up call he needed to end things. He didn’t want Sylvia to fall in love with him.

Don tells Sylvia to meet him in a room at the Sherry Netherland. Since “nether land” means dark underground, that was a very appropriate hotel choice Mr. Weiner!

Don starts a Domination/Subservient game by ordering Sylvia to crawl on the floor and get his shoes, which she refuses. Then he tells her to get into bed and stay there until he calls. Which she does, amused at their new game, at first. Then he sends her a bright red dress, and she thinks they are going to go out and have fun. But no, more domination. Get into bed, and this time, I’ll take your book. She gets the point, and enough is enough. It’s over. Don returns home and Megan starts talking and he completely tunes her out. How unhappy and more lost can Don get? I guess we’ll see.

In my blog post last week, I wondered how Mad Men would deal with Robert Kennedy’s assassination, and we found out this week. In his not-so parallel universe, Pistol Pete is unraveling while dealing with his mother who appears to be in the throes of dementia or Alzheimer’s.  She tells Pete she just saw that poor Kennedy boy’s assassination on TV. Pete thinks she is talking about JFK. Sadly, no, it’s Bobby.

Also, is there anything Ted can’t do? He runs an advertising agency with class and dignity, actually attends productive meetings, is gallant and smart when it comes to “the chair game,” and he can fly a plane! Oh Peggy, watch out girl.


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