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Quoting mom on Mother’s Day

My mom, November 16, 1957.

My mom, November 16, 1957.

“Sooner or later we all quote our mothers.”

So true, Bern Williams.

I’m fortunate to have two mothers in my life.

My mom, Pat, raised seven kids with little help from her spouse. It was more like raising eight kids. But she worked hard, and was the glue that kept the family together through tough times. On holidays, especially Christmas, she worked midnight shifts as a police dispatcher in order to make enough money to buy us presents. Mom and I have had issues, but all’s resolved. It’s true what they say about time healing wounds. I have grown to admire this woman for her selfless sacrifices.

Mom and Jesse

Mom and Jesse

After years without seeing her, I visited mom a few years ago in Wisconsin and took her to a Red Sox/Cubs baseball game in Chicago. She had mobility issues and had to use a walker, but she made it! What a fun time we had. My brother and his family joined us, and we had great seats behind home plate.

Before the game started, I noticed Jesse Jackson sitting several rows ahead of us, and pointed him out to mom. She couldn’t believe someone “famous” was so nearby. So during the fifth inning, when Mr. Jackson got up to stretch his legs, I went to him and asked if he would mind posing for a photo with my mom. He said sure, asked me to point her out and went right to her. She was so startled! It caused quite an uproar in the section, and the guy behind us spilled all his beer.

When Jesse Jackson hugged her, my mom’s face turned bright red and she looked like she was going to explode! For the rest of the game all she could talk about was how she had met Jesse Jackson. THE Jesse Jackson! She kept grilling me, “What did you say to him, how did you get him to come over?” I told her it was a secret. I couldn’t tell. But really, all I did was ask him. He was just that nice.

My favorite quote from my mom is something she said to her kids before the start of our softball or baseball games. “What are you going to do? Don’t give it 100% Give it 110%.”

Mom and Pops with my daughter at her college graduation, share a laugh.

Mom and Pops with my daughter Katie share a laugh at her college graduation.

The other mother in my life, is my mother-in-law Joan. A Connecticut Yankee through and through, she has an incredible amount of common sense. She and my father in law, Pops, live a modest lifestyle. From day one, when my husband first brought me to meet them, they welcomed me with open arms. So much so in fact that we moved from Boston to Connecticut to be closer to them. A decision I never regretted.

The last slice of Grandma's Apple Pie.

The last slice of Mom’s Apple Pie.

Mom is well-known for her baking skills. She makes such good pies that people ask her for a birthday pie instead of a cake. I learned a lot from her in the kitchen. Her apple pie is a work of art. No bells, no whistles, just simple ingredients transformed into deliciousness.

When I asked what her secret was to making such flaky pie crust, her answer was, “Don’t fuss over it, just let it be.”

Smart words from smart women. I love them both. Happy Mother’s Day.

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2 thoughts on “Quoting mom on Mother’s Day

  1. Paula on said:

    Well done! Our mother made so many selfless sacrifices to allow us to have better lives!
    Cheers to our Mom!!! We all love you xoxo

    • We are lucky Paula. We saw first hand how a woman work hards to hold a family together. I think of all those Christmases when mom didn’t have a winter coat but she made sure we had presents under the tree. She never had good shoes either. She wore cheap plastic ones or sneakers. And Thanksgiving? She gave each of us a rolling pin so we could make pies. Many weren’t very edible, but it sure was a loft of fun! Cheers to mom!

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