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Five things I love about my mother

Five things I love about my mother
By Katherine Gay, Guestblogger

Mom with me the first time I went skydiving.

Mom with me the first time I went skydiving.

1. I love you because you’re always willing to learn about something new because you have such broad curiosity. You don’t stop at your interests in writing or poetry, but you also are passionate about law, politics, music, art, drama, culinary arts and literature. I love that you are interested in so many things because through your example I have learned to also be interested in learning about almost everything. 

2 . I love you because you always feed me delicious food. I only regret that I didn’t learn more and spend more time cooking with you when I was younger. I’ll never forget when you would make churros for my Spanish class celebrations or experiment with spices and ingredients during family gatherings like Thanksgiving. You’re an incredible chef and baker and I’m so grateful for all the meals you made throughout my childhood and now. 
3.  I love you because you have always supported me in all of my life decisions. Whether it was what sport I wanted to play or what I wanted to study in college, you always encouraged me to do what I like and want. So many people don’t have that type of love and scaffolding in their lives and I’m so lucky to have you.
4.  I love you because of your sense of humor. You’re a very clever woman who is always ready to make people laugh. Even at very tense moments, you’ve been able to diffuse the situation by throwing in a joke or two. You’ve always told me that the most important part of a relationship is humor, and as I’ve made more relationships in my life I realize how right you are. I’ll never tire of laughing with you mom.
5.  I love you because of your internal strength and endurance. You have faced all sorts of adversity and difficulties throughout your life. As I grew up and saw you handle the frustrating and sometimes hurtful challenges and disappointments from family, friends, health, and colleagues, I learned that even the most talented and intelligent people can get overwhelmed. With you, though mom, even at the worst moments you found ways to come back and keep going despite what you may have been feeling inside. You continue to be a resilient woman who I admire and respect. I hope I can find your strength in myself that you have always had.
I love you so much more than just five reasons. You’re my mother and I’m so lucky and proud to have you in my life. Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!

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One thought on “Five things I love about my mother

  1. Katie, I am verklempt as Mike Myers would say. You’ve moved me to tears sweetheart. Thank you for the beautiful Mother’s Day words. See you soon! Love, mom.

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