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A stroll with Minx the Cat

Minx decides to come upstairs and wake me up.

Minx decides to come upstairs and wake me up.

Waking up with a headache is a horrible way to start the day. When it happens on a Sunday it’s even worse because that’s my true day of rest. The one day with no script. Just down time. I was toying with the idea of sleeping the day away in my darkened room when Minx the Cat jumped on the bed. Very odd. Minx is a standoffish female calico. She rarely, in fact never, comes to me for anything. But there she was, right in my face.

And all of a sudden she was acting like Cosmo the dog from the film Beginners.

It’s like she was talking to me. Maybe she was trying to atone for Charming Kitten’s poor performance in the Kentucky Derby.

“C’mon human, get up, let’s go for a walk.”

"C'mon, follow me."

“C’mon, follow me.”

Hey now. I could just swat her away, but if Minxie’s gonna go to this kind of trouble just to interact with me, the least I could do is humor her. Sure let’s go.

I ambled downstairs, head throbbing, and tossed back a couple Tylenol, while Minx stared at me with her tail wriggling.

“C’mon, let’s go human, I haven’t got all minute.”

So I grudgingly followed her outside. She walked around the perimeter of the yard. Slowly, deliberately. There were daffodils. Everywhere. Wow, I had no idea I had this many daffodils in the yard. Patches of white and yellow, all types. Pretty.

“C’mon human, there’s more.”


She led me to some huge trees that were savagely uprooted during Superstorm Sandy and still needed clearing. Of course, Minx being Minx had to pause to dig her paws into a downed tree branch. Sharpening her talons.


She then circled a flowering apple tree which had just passed peak. It always blooms on May 1, my son’s birthday, so I call it Kevin’s tree. It was also a victim of Sandy and was torn in half. Yet, still, there it was, blooming anyway. I smiled.

Kevin's Apple Tree and the Flowering Pear Tree

Kevin’s Apple Tree and Flowering Pear Tree

Minx ran towards the yard’s lone pear tree which was full of bright white flowers. “Looks like we may get a good number of pears this year,” I said to Minx who surprisingly did not respond.

"I haven't got all minute."

“I haven’t got all minute.”

We made our way to the side of the house, where a Japanese Red Maple Tree was spreading its arms. Minx pointed out a flower bed where red and yellow tulips were just coming to life, while a grape hyacinth and her siblings were clinging to one last springtime breath. I cleared some leaves from around the tulips. They’re going to be beautiful. I looked over at the blackberry bushes. They needed weeds cleared so berries could grow this summer.


Finally we reached the terrace. Minx sprawled out on the hot slate and rolled over and over, basking in sunny warmth.

“You can go now human. It’s time for my nap. Feel better now?”

Yes. I did.


“You can go now human. I said go.”


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