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Hell’s Grannies: Graffiti Knitting and Yarn Bombing

We sometimes feel we’re to blame in some way for what our gram’s become. She used to be quite happy here until she started on the crochet. Now she can’t do without it. Twenty balls of wool a day sometimes. And if she can’t get the wool she gets violent.

While the above statement was said more than 30 years ago on an episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, it rings just as true today.

Yarn bombs like this one were found in a nature preserve. Fortunately authorities got to it in time and cut it down before any harm was done.

One of the yarn bombs found in a Connecticut nature preserve. Fortunately, authorities got to them in time and cut them down before any harm was done.

Someone, we don’t know who, but clearly someone with a serious crocheting and knitting habit, has been terrorizing a land preserve in Weston, Connecticut, as reported in The Weston Forum.

The culprit and accomplice (Miss Daisy requires a driver), are leaving their unmistakable tags everywhere. Well in a few spots anyway. The vandals arranged four pink, gold, and green crocheted cozies to look like yarn caterpillars on tree branches at the reserve.

Not content to just quickly dump their wool and run, or amble slowly away with their walkers, these derelicts spent their sweet time carefully attaching their crocheted creations, loop by colorful loop, over the branches.

If arrested, they could be charged with aggravated knitting.

Pink graffiti knitting in all its glory.

Pink graffiti knitting in all its derelict glory.

Lest anyone think this is an isolated incident, unfortunately it is part of a much larger and widespread international movement.

Known as graffiti knitting, yarn bombing, or guerrilla knitting, feminine artistic vandalism first surfaced in 2005 by Magda Sayeg of Houston, Texas, who covered the door handle of her boutique with a custom-made cozy. Since then others have used their leftover and unfinished knitting projects to personalize cold or sterile objects.

Instead of spray paint or chalk, feminine street artists employ colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fiber to leave their marks.

The trees in Weston are just the latest victims. The bronze statue of Rocky near the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a statue of a bull on Wall Street were also covered in brightly crocheted wool by yarn bombers.

A global phenomenon, fuzzy, colorful knitting graffiti has also been unleashed in Europe and Asia. In Paris, a yarn culprit even went so far as to fill sidewalk cracks with knots of yarn, according to The New York Times.

ChckensGraffiti knitting artists may think what they are doing is harmless because the yarn can be easily removed without damaging or defacing the objects they cover. But they are WRONG! As stated by the preserve’s executive director in The Forum article, innocent birds could get entangled in these crocheted cozies!!

And who would want to see THAT?

Reserve photos: Brenda Maggio


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2 thoughts on “Hell’s Grannies: Graffiti Knitting and Yarn Bombing

  1. Harineke on said:

    Ohhhh…love these. I don’t see the problem with the birds. They don’t get strangled in laundry that hangs outside…why should they in the forrest. Give the birds a bit more credit.
    They can better clean up the rubbish that’s left by people in the forrest, then art that is pretty to look at.

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